Focus on core competences in Human Capital Management

Setting priorities

Over the years, many companies have experienced diversification on the one hand, and on the other the necessity of focusing on their personnel and training management core competences. These are usually accompanied by the question whether outsourcing and insourcing would be feasible in this particular case. The correct answer to this question is: “it depends.”

Competence and value-added

The question must first be asked, “Is it necessary to setup and expand internal know-how?” Then come the topics of availability, necessary capacities and of course value-added for the company.

Fixed costs vs. Variable costs

“Can others not do this better, faster and more economically than we ourselves can?”
In many situations, serious study of these questions makes sense – however, in most cases, profitability will only become tangible in the long term scenario.

The performance of Anovia

neutral consulting

  • Analysis of company strategy regarding the logical sense of outsourcing in personnel and/or training & development management
  • Analysis of interfaces and general conditions

tailored solution

  • Development of a strategy-compliant, cost-effective outsourcing scenario
  • Description of resource aspects
  • Development of a project plan
  • Project management in the transition period

Precise realization

  • Creation of a service level agreement
  • Provision of all resources
  • Precise and budget-compliant performance of services