Strategic Peoplemanagement

Value-added in personnel management

Investments that carry significant corporate impact

“Employees are our most important resource” – you’ll find this, or a similar expression, in almost every company’s overall concept.

The personnel department as a value added center

This is why investments in the personnel sector are of the utmost importance from a corporate standpoint. Personnel must be as efficient and as effective as possible and be employed where they can contribute most to the company’s operating objectives. Here above all one must take into consideration the development of the personnel department towards becoming a value added center and the measures taken towards increasing employee potential and motivation – it is after all the employees themselves who should be regarded as being the internal customers of the personnel department.

Systematic personnel controlling for planning, control and assessment of the results

Personnel management can only be successful if a systematic personnel controlling system is implemented, one which integrates planning, control and results assessment of the personnel factor, as well as personnel- economical processes and performances – an approach that extends far beyond the acquiring of key data and operating figures. Anovia offers you specially customized services in the personnel controlling sector.

The performance of Anovia

neutral consulting

  • Acquisition of personnel-economical instruments, processes and services
  • Analysis of company strategy with regard to the demands on personnel management
  • Analysis of the personnel department’s current portfolio on the provision of services

customized implementation

  • Formulation of personnel-strategic objectives
  • Defining of the application fields of personnel controlling within the company
  • Optimization of available instruments and processes
  • Definition and implementation of performance indicators
  • Development of the value proposition statement for personnel management
  • Monitoring of the implementation phase

Assessment of the results
efficient solution

  • Continuous monitoring of the results of the initiated personnel controlling processes
  • Recommendation and implementation of corrective measures