Process Monitoring

Personnel qualification as a rewarding investment

T&D measures for corporate success

Qualification measures present a significant opportunity to promote employee potential and motivation. A pre-requisite for the success of qualification is consistent T&D management and controlling. This ensures that company strategy/objective measures can be defined and the level of transparency increased.

Transparency converts costs into investments

Independent measures packages subsequently convert into valuable qualification processes with concrete, measurable objectives and timeframes. Cost factors can be rated as investments. In this case the avoidance of opportunity costs plays an important role.

T&D controlling for the successful control of T&D investments

Successful T&D management in turn necessitates systematical T&D controlling, which integrates the planning, control and assessment of the qualification processes results – an approach that extends far beyond the acquisition of key data and operating figures. Anovia offers you specially customized services in the T&D controlling sector.

The performance of Anovia

neutral consulting

  • The defining of company strategy with regard to the demands on personnel qualifications
  • The analysis of the current status of personnel qualifications and the subsequent requirements
  • The analysis of available processes and instruments in personnel development

customized implementation

  • Formulation of strategic objectives in personnel development
  • Development of consistent training and further education policies
  • Definition of the application areas of T&D controlling
  • Optimization of available instruments and processes
  • Definition and implementation of performance indicators
  • Development of a value proposition statement for personnel development
  • Monitoring of the implementation phase

Assessment of the results
efficient solution

  • Continuous monitoring of the results of the initiated T&D controlling processes
  • Recommendation and implementation of corrective measures