Customer Training Courses

Successful customer bonding by means of professional customer training

The Dialog with your Customers

Mountains of brochures, letters marked “personal”, thick catalogs, a flood of daily spam mails – these are annoyances we’ve meanwhile got used to. All this is simply an expression of the keen desire to keep in touch with the customer.

Personal Contacts instead of a Flood of Information

However, continuous communication with the customer is indispensable, if you wish to prevent him forgetting all about you and your company. This is where personal contact plays an increasingly important role in your perception of customer needs – and is also the key to having customers single you out from the rest of the competition.

Professionalism and Continuity

Customer training courses are eminently suitable for personal discussions and for intensifying customer relationships. However, to attain these objectives, such events must be perfectly conceived, organized and carried out – and they have to create added value for the customer.

The performance of Anovia

neutral consulting

  • Discussion of company strategy regarding the logical sense behind customer training
  • Analysis of interfaces and general conditions
  • Development of a business case

tailored solution

  • Development of a company-specific performance portfolio
  • Conception of an event program
  • Project management and project office

Precise realization

  • Creation of the service level agreement
  • Production of the training modules
  • Organization and administration of all events